Make Your Own Notebooks

Make Your Own Notebooks

These notebooks are super easy to create and make a fantastic one of a kind gift!

You can use any imagery you like however I like to feature some of my own illustrations and repeat patterns to make these notebooks truly original and special.

You can learn how to create a seamless repeat pattern HERE.


What you will need:

  • Repeat pattern design – you can learn how to create one HERE
  • Computer with Photoshop
  • USB to take your file(s) to a printery
  • A4 paper of your choice for inside pages – I used 120GSM acid free sketching paper.
  • Long Armed Stapler
  • Paper folding tools or similar objects
  • Craft Knife, Ruler & Cutting Mat


Step 1

Open your repeat tile file and click Edit-Define Pattern-OK then open a new canvas at A4 size and rotate the canvas to landscape.


Step 2

Create a guide line to mark the spine of the notebook – the right hand side of the page will be the front cover. To do this click and drag the ruler at the side of the page to the middle of your canvas (14.85cm)

If desired use the Paint Bucket to colour your background.


Step 3

Apply your pattern to your canvas by clicking Layer-New Fill Layer-Pattern and adjust the scale and move the pattern around until you are happy with it.


Step 4

I like to add my logo to the back of the note book, to do this I copy my logo into my notebook canvas, resize it and place it centred at the bottom of the back cover.

I then create a new layer and merge the new layer to the patterned layer and use the eraser tool to fade out the pattern around my logo.

Clear your guide lines off your canvas.


Step 5

Flatten your image by right clicking any Layer and selecting Flatten Image.

You can now print this on A4 paper, however I prefer to transfer my finished notebook file onto an A3 canvas with another notebook cover design – this saves a little bit of money in printing costs.

Step 6

Save your file as a JPEG onto a USB stick and take your file(s) to a printery.

I get my notebook covers printed on 300GSM recycled paper. Ask for your files to be printed at A3 size onto over sized paper, this ensures your note book cover will actually be A3 size meaning you wont have to trim your inside pages as much.

Step 7

Using a craft knife with a new sharp blade and a ruler trim down your notebook cover.

Step 8

Using your folding tools fold your note book cover in half then fold 10 pages of your paper for your inside pages.

Step 9

Unfold your notebook cover and inside pages and place the inside pages on top of the reverse side of your cover.

Line the pages up neatly and staple your notebook in two places along the spine.

Step 10

Fold your notebook back in half and trim any excess paper sticking out past the notebook cover.


You have now made your very own notebook from scratch and have the skills to make many more original patterned notebooks!

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