DIY Oven Mitts & Tea Towels

DIY Oven Mitts & Tea Towels

These oven mitts and tea towels are super quick and easy to make, and lets be honest, in my house hold tea towels have a rather short life span from being caught on fire to mysterious stains, so the more the merrier!

These guys are a fantastic way to use up left over bits and pieces of fabric you have been squirreling away and make great gifts!

What you will need:

  • Access to a printer
  • Sellotape
  • Fabric(s) for your mitts and tea towels
  • Insulated lining fabric for your mitts
  • Bias binding
  • Tailors chalk
  • Ruler
  • Pins & thread
  • Sewing machine

Step 1

Print out the Oven Mitts pattern pieces onto A4 paper.

Join the pages together using sellotape as indicated by the triangles then cut out your pattern pieces.

Oven Mitts Pattern Page 1

Oven Mitts Pattern Page 2

Step 2

Fold your fabric you wish to use for your oven mitts in half and trace your pattern pieces onto the fabric as directed:

2 x Pattern piece A placed on the fold

2 x Pattern piece B (making 4 pattern pieces as the fabric is folded in half)

Step 3

Fold your insulated lining fabric in half and trace your pattern pieces again as directed:

1 x Pattern piece A placed on fold

1 x Pattern piece B (making 2 pattern pieces as the fabric is folded in half)

Step 4

Cut out your pattern pieces

Step 5

Pin together the three pattern A pieces with the insulating fabric in the middle.

As above pin together your pattern B pieces – you should have two pieces once pined

Step 6

Sew around the edge of pattern piece A & B with a seam of 1cm to hold the three layers together of your pattern pieces and trim the seams.

Sew your bias binding onto the straight edge of your pattern pieces B

Step 7

Pin pattern pieces B to A and sew around outside edge to join

Finally sew your bias binding around the outside edge to cover the raw edges.

Step 8

To make your tea towels simply draw out a rectangular shape on your chosen fabric using a ruler and your tailors chalk, mine are 65cm x 50cm – make sure you are keeping inline with the grain of the fabric to ensure that if your fabric is patterned it will look straight.

Cut out your rectangle, then using an iron fold, press and pin the raw edges of your tea towel into a hem and sew.

And that’s that, you have mastered the art of oven mitts and tea towels! Never fear when your tea towels or mitts are set on fire again – its an opportunity to create some snazzy new ones!

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